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the great escape, sept 2021 – review

With no Euro trip in 2020 due to the chaos that covid brought we were determined to pull off a trip in 2021.  Our planned event of heading to Austria and Italy proved to be too much of a challenge with the ever changing travel restrictions so instead we put together a 7 day trip heading to the French Alps, to drive some of the best roads out there.

10 cars headed out from the UK and 2 joined us from Belgium on the way down through France on day 1.  We had several Porsches, 2 x Audi R8s and 1 x TT, an Alpine A110S, AMG GTR and our trusty GR Yaris which held its head high in such esteemed company.

Our planned route took us to Montgenèvre which we used as a base for 3 days, heading out to different routes and mountain passes each day.  We were very lucky with the weather – it’s been a very wet summer on the continent however for the time we were there the weather was mostly dry and the sun shone on us a lot during the driving time in the Alps.

After 3 days blatting round the mountains the driving holiday started heading north (the long way round of course), first to Évian-les-Bains and then on to the Alsace region to enjoy the mega forest roads, and the delicious local food and wine.

All too soon it was over :/ However it had been a great week catching up with friends we hadn’t seen for 2 years, and meeting new ones.

Fuel was burnt, food eaten, drinks consumed, frowns and smiles were expressed, new friends were made and good times were had.

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