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ultimate high, sept 2019 – review

For our ‘Ultimate High’ European Driving Tour we took a small but perfectly formed group to the Italian and Swiss Alps.

A mix of heavy hitters from Germany – BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche –  with a Jag XK-RS & Nissan GTR thrown in to mix things up – spent a week driving many mountain passes, including Stelvio, Susten, Grimsel and San Bernardino.  We were in luck with the weather as there was already snow on the mountains but whilst we were there the sun shone and the roads were pretty much dry throughout.  The odd overnight rock slide caused a few ad-hoc diversions, creating a little extra fun in taking a ferry across one of the lakes instead of driving round it.

As well as the mountains we also hit the German Autobahn.  There was a fair bit of traffic but we still managed a few very fast sections between the traffic, great fun to be at 150mph + legally.

We hopped off the Autobahn at Hockenheim for a coffee and thanks to our friend Thomas from Belgium we blagged our way into the pits for the practice session of the ADAC GT Masters.  That was pretty cool.

From Hockenheim we headed to the Nürburgring for our final stint of proper driving.  It was a busy evening with so many cars there… such a great atmosphere.  From the Ring we darted across to Bonn for our final night group dinner and drinks.

Fuel was burnt, food eaten, drinks consumed, frowns and smiles were expressed, new friends were made and good times were had.

Thanks to Jordan, Rachael and Justine for the photo contributions 🙂

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