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Tyrol . Alps . Dolomites, Sept 2017 – Review

It was a misty, crisp and slightly damp Sunday morning as we headed to the Eurotunnel marking the start of our ‘Tyrol, Alps & Dolomites’ Euro Tour.

Once across the channel the weather improved as we made our way across to Gemany for our first night on the continent.  Meeting us in Germany for the trip were 3 cars from Finland (Ford Shelby F-150, Nissan GTR, Mini Cooper S) and a Maserati, rented by a gentleman who’d flown in from Thailand for the event.  That evening we sat down for a group dinner and all said our hellos, preparing ourselves for the fun ahead.

Across the next 5 days we experienced all seasons… unseasonal snow in the mountains making driving a challenge (even closing some of the passes) to applying the factor 30 whilst having lunch in the valleys to stop the sunburn.

There was plenty of fun to be had though, no matter what the weather threw at us.  The Austrian Tyrol was a particular highlight with flowing open roads, silky smooth surfaces, tunnels and then sections of hairpins to make sure you’re paying attention.

A cheeky little toll road through a forest in Austria was a particular highlight – the noises being made from the cars were superb as we headed towards our hotel that evening.

Fuel was burnt, food eaten, drinks consumed, frowns and smiles were expressed, new friends were made and good times were had.

A BIG thank you goes out to the Reep Group who provided each car with a care pack for the trip – essential for getting those 100s of splattered bugs off your pride and joy.

We’ll be back in June 2018 to do it all again on our Curvehunter tour – join us, we insist!

Video by Markus Palo

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