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With so many Road Trips on offer why would you choose to get slapped?

Q: What is a typical day like?

By design you should not be driving for more than 8 hours in a day. Most of the time it will be 5-7 hours, and that will be broken up with fuel stops, lunch breaks & photo opportunities.

Our routes are designed for maximum driving pleasure.  You should arrive at your hotel late afternoon / early evening most days, giving you chance to relax and enjoy the carefully selected hotels and their surroundings.

Q: What am I paying you for?

•    Hand-picked Hotel Accommodation, with parking & breakfast. We check them, in person, for suitability.

•    Return Euro-tunnels on all mainland Europe events
Unlike many other road trips our European events start and finish in the UK, with your return channel crossing included.*

That’s worth thinking about when you’re looking at event costs.  Just check where they start and finish.  If they start in mainland Europe what’s it costing you to get there?  And if they finish 2,000 + miles away what’s it going to cost you to get home.  Get your calculator out and do the maths before making a decision.

* If you are coming from mainland Europe for our events we can either arrange your tunnel for travel to the UK and back out, or we can meet you on day 1 of the event, once we’re across the channel, at a discounted rate.

•    Welcome & farewell meals (unless otherwise specified – see individual event pages for information)

•    Fully researched routes for maximum driving pleasure

•    Long range walkie-talkies for useful information as well as tour banter (loaned for the duration of the event)

•    Carefully designed and printed A4 route book (to keep) with maps, GPS coordinates, waypoints, addresses, and useful information

•    Enthusiasm, passion & knowledge. Rik who heads up Slap Adventures has 10 years experience running road trip events, from single days in the UK to week-long adventures in Europe.  Rik will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly (and to help if it doesn’t)

Q: What else do I need on a road trip?

•    Your own vehicle, with insurance & breakdown cover

•    Fuel, tolls, lunch, drinks, passport (European events), driving licence, cash & cards…

•    Your GoPro (other action cameras are available) & Digital Camera to make your friends and family jealous upon your return

•    A sense of adventure!

Q: Is it for supercars only?

As long as you enjoy driving your car then you can drive what you like.  We’re all about those twisty mountain passes rather than high-speed motorway A to B.

Q: Will I fit in?

With ages from “you’re old enough to have a license?” to “you’ve still got a license?” we attract people from all walks of life.

A typical event splits roughly into 50% 2 x friends sharing, 25% couples and 25% solo drivers.

If you’re unsure then give us a call.

Q: I have no passenger, can I still come?

Yes you can.  Our events are costed upon 2 people in a vehicle, sharing a twin or double room.  If you’re a solo driver that’s no problem.  There’s a single person supplement to pay but that’s it – see individual events for details.

As we loan you a walkie talkie for the event you’ll be able to talk to other people on the trip whilst on the move.  And we’re a friendly bunch so you won’t be short of people to socialise with in the evenings.

Another option includes 2 solo drivers sharing a room.  Maybe a friend wants to drive their own car too.  So you bring a car each and share a room.  There will be a small charge for the additional car (to cover Eurotunnel, parking etc. – please ask) but that’s it.

Q: Can you create a road trip to my requirements?

Yes, we can certainly help.

Our ‘concierge’ service will help plan a trip to suit your requirements.  We’ll tailor a trip to your requirements then design and print your own bespoke printed tour book for that full on road trip experience.

Any more questions? Just drop us a line via our contact page >>>

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