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BMW M140i

BMW M140i
Introducing our new main tour car for the next couple of years – the BMW M140i Ordered new about six months ago we took delivery in November 2017.  The spec. should tick all the boxes for roadtrips and includes:
  • Adaptive Suspension – ideal for those b-roads and mountain passes
  • Electric Sunroof – ideal for filming out of
  • Electric heated memory seats – with 2 drivers in and out during a trip memory seats are a great choice
Being the ‘Shadow Edition’ it also has a host of goodies as standard – let’s just say it’s got most of what we’ll need, and stuff we’ll probably never use too. With @ 340bhp out of the box mated to the fantastic ZF automatic gearbox all going through the rear wheels it’s a bundle of fun, has space for all the ‘stuff’ we have to take with us on trips, and will keep up with most things on most roads. Our first port of call was a trip to Reep Northwest for a Ceramic Coating to help protect the paintwork, and make it easier for us to clean – it’s a white car, it’s going to be a pain let’s face it. Next up were some subtle graphics / stripes APM Customs – we also had the mirrors and front bumper fins wrapped black – much better in our opinion. Then we headed to Project Three geting some H&R Springs fitted to tighten up the handling, along with some Eibach spacers for a slight visual improvement with the car’s stance. What’s next?  A little more noise we think – this is needed for when we hit Europe drive through those amazing tunnels out there.  Watch this space as the car develops over the coming months. We’re looking forward to our first trip of the year in March on our BMW Drive Day.
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