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Curvehunter, June 2018 – Review

It was a blistering hot Sunday to kick off our this European Driving Holiday that we aptly named ‘Curvehunter’ – a 7 day jaunt on some epic roads predominantly in Italy and Austria.

25 cars and 46 people – all very different but all there for one thing – an adventure.  The cars were an eclectic mix ranging from a Mini Cooper S, through a glut of hot hatches (BMW M140i, Golf Gti, Ford Focus RS), super saloons (BMW M3), coupes (BMW M235i, BMW M2, Audi TT), convertibles (BMW M4, Porsche Boxster S), a barge (Audi RS6), a few brave choices (Alfa 4C and TVR Griffith 500) and several big hitters (Aston Martin Vantage S, Mclaren 650s and 720s, Ferrari 488, Mercedes AMG GTS).

This colourful group of cars, along with their owners and co-drivers, brought something different to the trip everyday.  Splitting into smaller groups each day we weaved our way though the German Black Forest, the Italian Dolomites and the Austrian Tyrol.

There was sunshine, lots of sunshine, along with some grey skies, a smattering of rain, and a good old hailstorm on the mountains – just to liven things up a little.

Fuel was burnt, food eaten, drinks consumed, frowns and smiles were expressed, new friends were made and good times were had.

If you like what you see then check out our Road Trips for 2019 – join us, we insist!

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