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Supercar Rally Europe

Supercar Rally Europe
In 2019 we have 2 unique driving holidays which take you to Monaco, Stelvio Pass, the Ring and much much more.Our ‘Thrillseeker‘ events starts at the end of June and lasts 7 days.  It’s a ’round-trip’ event and by that we mean you start in the UK and return to the UK, so no hidden £extras by finishing a 1,000 miles or more from where you started.This unique automotive event visits 5 countries, covers 2,000 miles, stays at 6 x luxury hotels and drives over 15+ thrilling mountain passes.You will drive your supercar on some of the best mountain passes as you head down to Monaco over 3 days.  Once in Monaco you’ll be staying at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel for the evening.From Monaco you will head back to the mountain roads for a few more days fun behind the wheel.  Then it’s into the forests in France and Germany before a final night on the event with a farewell dinner in Baden Baden, Germany.We then have the ‘Ultimate High‘ event in September.  Again a 7 day ’round’trip’ event, this time taking you into Italy and Switzerland to drive some of the best mountain roads in the world – they truly are stunning.This driving holiday has a 2 night stop-over at a mid-week location, so you can either have a full on mountain driving day, a more relaxed driving day or take a day out to take in your surroundings, and maybe do a little shopping.You’ll visit and stay at some fantastic locations including the St Moritz, Stelvio Pass, a luxury Swiss hotel steeped in family history with a quirky modern interior, plus world heritage sites and spa towns.  It’s safe to say that you and your supercar will will be looked after throughout this car rally in Europe.Finally you’ll head up through Germany with the chance to visit the Nürburgring before a final evening dinner with everyone to finish the trip in appropriate style.On each of our European Driving Holidays we’ve hand-picked 6 different luxury hotels for you to stay in, each with it’s own unique character.  After visiting many hotels in person we pick the ones most appropriate for location, comfort, facilities (such as swimming pools and spas) and parking for your pride and joy.  We’re excited with our choices and know you’ll enjoy your stay at each hotel.
JUNE 2019 Thrillseeker – EVENT INFOSEPTEMBER 2019 Ultimate High – EVENT INFOTake a look HERE at our previous events.If you are a supercar driver looking for a new driving holiday then join us in 2019 for your next supercar rally in Europe.
* Please note that all types of vehicle are welcomed on our events, not just supercars.  Take a look at your 10 road trip cars for under £10k article for some inspiration.
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