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Road Trip Spain Recce

Road Trip Spain Recce
As we piece together our multitude of notes, route ideas and hotel suggestions for our Spanish Roadtrip 2023 an opportunity to check out some roads and hotels in person, presented by our good friend and Slap Adventures #2 Dom, was too good to pass up. Dom has recently acquired a superb Mclaren 600LT, and he was driving to Marbella in it (as you do) to meet his wife for a holiday there.  A passenger seat was going on the outbound journey in the 600 (in return for route planning and navigating) so in we hopped and off we went. We took the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo then headed pain free through France staying in Pau before seeking out the roads of the Frenh & Spanish Pyrenees.  We also happened to stumble across the best fresh baked pastries which set us up nicely on day 2 of our trip.

Across the next couple of days we packed in as many roads as we could, making sure they were of the ‘high octane’ standard we like to use on our trips.  The Mclaren performed epically and drew attention everywhere we went on our journey through Spain.  With the roof off in the mountains it was just superb – the speed, the noise, the scenery – wow!

As we neared Marbella we stopped short for our final night on the trip, in Nerja, to meet our good friend Frank.  Frank’s done a few Slap Adventures over the years and has recently moved from the UK to Spain.  It was great to catch up over a steak and a bottle of local red wine… a great way to end for us a superb little exploratory trip.  Invaluable information on roads and hotels was gathered.  It was time for us to leave so Malaga airport it was and Dom scooted off to Marbella for a well deserved week in the sun with his wife.

Big thanks to Dom, and Mclaren, for providing the entertainment.  To Frank (and Emmanuel) for the hospitality in Nerja.  And to Spain for the EPIC roads.  Roll on 2023 and our El Camino trip.

mclaren 600LT Spain
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