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Research Trip for 2019 Completed

Research Trip for 2019 Completed
In October 2018 we completed our week long reconnaissance trip.  This trip started with a early morning flight to Stuttgart where we collected our rental car for the week, a Mercedes CLA200*.  The week then consisted of 1,500 miles being driven across 4 countries, visiting over 15 hotels, and seeking out some exciting new mountain roads – all in the name of making our European Driving Holidays the best they can be.
We see these trips as an essential part of our events.  Yes you can do your research on the internet, and of course we do that, but visiting in person gives you a much better feel what what works and what doesn’t when it comes to planning a European Road Rally for groups.  This is especially true when it comes to the hotels.  Local facilities, ease of finding the hotel, access to car parks… the list goes on.  We tick off as many things on our ‘want’ list as we can when selecting hotels, to make life as easy as possible when you rock up at your hotel for the evening after an adrenaline filled day driving on mountain roads.
We came back pretty tired after the trip but we now have a great selection of hotels in place for our European Road Trips in 2019 and we can’t wait to see your reactions when you arrive at them with us.• Road Trip Scotland, May 2019, 4 Days – Event Information• Road Trip Ireland, June 2019, 5 Days – Event Information• Road Trip Europe, June 2019, 7 Days – Event Information• Road Trip Europe, September 2019, 7 Days – Event Information
* This car was functional but a really poor car on many levels (gearbox, handling, power (total lack of) etc. – if you’re renting a car we suggest avoiding this particular model.
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