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5 Best Road Trips in the UK

5 Best Road Trips in the UK

1. Peak District

With so much to look at and do the Peak District is a great place to visit.  If you want to drive the roads out there, and have some fun, you’ll have to be up early though as they get clogged with traffic.  For us the Snake Pass is a particular highlight.  You should also visit the famed Cat & Fiddle road linking Buxton and Macclesfield, though sadly the Cat & Fiddle pub itself is now closed and there are average speed cameras on the road now.road trip in the peak district

2. North Wales

Snowdonia’s the place to go and explore.  Yes there’s the Evo Traingle but it’s busy as hell these days, so go and eplore the roads elsewhere, such as the Bala to Ffestiniog road, what a drive that is.road trip to snowdonia

3. Hartside Pass

The A686 from Penrith to Haydon Bridge – Cumbria and Northumberland, England – takes in a majestic weave of tarmac.  Find a rhythm to your driving here and you won’t want to stop… except for a coffee and slice of cake at the Hartside Cafe.road trip to Hartside PassPhoto: Total 911

4. Black Mountain – Wales

We’re in Wales again for this on but this time in the south of the country. It’s only a short road but what a great drive it is.  Be sure to pack your camera and drive the road several times, stopping to take in your surroundings.  Watch out for roaming sheep!black mountain pass

5. NC500 – Scotland

If you want a genuine slice of Scottish Highlands life combined with some spectacular views, the North Coast 500 is the route for you.  It’s the stops that make the trip, as much as the windy and often single-tracked road that meanders its way along the coast, so give yourself at least 4 days to do this route, preferably more.Few drives get to the heart of a country’s ancient heritage like the North Coast 500. Waterproofs, suncream (all seasons in 1 day are very likely) and a hip flask of Rusty Nail (half Drambuie and Scotch whisky) should be amongst your packing essentials for this trip.Full route details online at northcoast500.comNorth Coast 500, nc500
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