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10 Driving Holidays in Europe

10 Driving Holidays in Europe

1. Col de Turini – France

Famous as the site of both the Tour de France as well as the Monte Carlo Rally, this road is full of incredible hairpin turns and curvy roadways that will have any driver feeling like a professional.  Concentration is required throughout as it’s a dangerous road if you’re not paying attention.  The drive is well worth it though and when you get to the cafes at the top grab yourself some refreshments and soak in the views.Col de Turini – FrancePhoto by Curves

2. Autobahn – Germany

The Autobahn is Germany’s famous motorway system where there are no speed limits in non-urban regions. Yes you read that correctly, no speed limits… and it works incredibly well. It gives drivers the option to really put the pedal to the metal while traveling the beautiful German countryside. If you want to drive your car fast, with the worry of losing your license, then head to Germany.bmw m5 on the german autobahnPhoto: Car & Driver

3. 2DN7C – Romania

This frankly bonkers road travels throughout the Carpathians, and is regularly cited as one of the world’s best drives. Stretching from Transylvania to Wallachia, the road also known as the Transfăgărășan, is littered with eye-catching architecture from a time long passed.transfagarasan

4. Atlantic Road – Norway

At around 5 miles long this amazing architectural marvel of a road might just be the most incredible in all of Europe. Going over water via multiple islands, the Atlantic Road is unique and amazing.  Don’t forget to take your drone to capture some truly amazing footage.10. Ring of Kerry - Ireland

5. NC500 – Scotland

If you want a genuine slice of Scottish Highlands life combined with some spectacular views, the North Coast 500 is the route for you.  It’s the stops that make the trip, as much as the windy and often single-tracked road that meanders its way along the coast, so give yourself at least 4 days to do this route, preferably more.Few drives get to the heart of a country’s ancient heritage like the North Coast 500. Waterproofs, suncream (all seasons in 1 day are very likely) and a hip flask of Rusty Nail (half Drambuie and Scotch whisky) should be amongst your packing essentials for this trip.Full route details online at northcoast500.com

6. Route Napoleon – France

Following the route taken by Napoleon Bonaparte when he traveled from Elba to Grenoble, Route Napoleon runs through the French Alps. This famed road allows you to take a step back in time in rural France as the road twists and turns through a variety of superb scenery along it’s route.Route Napoleon – France

7. Great Lakes – Italy

Italy is blessed with several spectacular lakes that are beloved worldwide. With so many lovely destinations to choose from here are out 5 favourites: Lake Maggiore Piedmont; Lake Garda; Lake Como; Lake Orta Piedmont; Lake Trasimeno. As well as the stunning lakes the rounds around most of these are pretty good fun to explore too.Italian Lakes

8. Swiss Alps – Switzerland

Head out to Interlaken as your base and then go exploring.  There is a plethora of small and big mountain passes to be driven, with pretty much all of them having truly stunning scenery.  Just be careful with your right foot or you could end up with a rather large fine.Swiss Alps Road Trip

9. Trollstigen – Norway

This beautiful mountain pass road is known as the Troll Route, and is famous for being one of the most scenic drives in Europe. From mountains to waterfalls, you will bexperience the beauty of Norway while traveling from Åndalsnes and Valldalen in the heart of the country.Trollstigen – Norway

10. Ring of Kerry – Ireland

The Irish countryside is noted to be one of the most beautiful in all of Europe, and Ring of Kerry is the best way to drive throughout all that the country has to offer! This 150 mile loop takes you through the mountains, to the beaches, lakes, and rivers of the Emerald Isle.10. Ring of Kerry - Ireland
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