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10 Best Cars for a Road Trip

10 Best Cars for a Road Trip
Over the past several years we’ve planned and driven many road trips.  Be that a weekend in the UK, a trip round the NC500 inn Scotland or further afield in the mountains of Europe.  And on those trips we’ve come across a plethora of vehicles used for these driving trips.  Below we’ve put a selection of 10 of the best cars you could use on your next Driving Holiday.Porsche 911 road trip europe

Porsche 911

The staple car of most roadtrips.  And there’s a reason for this in that they’re just so damn good.  Yes the Porsche 911 GT3 would probably be your choice for a weekend trip (and maybe a week long Euro Trip) but for a happy medium the Porsche 911 GTS would tick most boxes in what you’d need for any trip.

BMW M3 Road Trip EuropeBMW M3

Next up is another road trip favourite, again down to the fact it’s such a good all rounder.With comfort, power, good looks and the convenience of for doors and a decent amount of boot space for luggage the BMW M3 is great choice for a fun filled driving holiday.

Renault Megane Europe Driving HolidayRenault Megane

This hot hatch was made for driving, and driving hard, so show it a twisty mountain road and you can embarrass most other cars around you.  Pick the Cup S flavour of the Renault Megane and you’ve got a proper weapon on your hands, plus a decent sized boot for your luggage.Talking of luggage let’s take a look at a few cars that give you the flexibility to extend your driving holiday past a week without having to think about wearing your underwear for longer than is acceptable.

Porsche Panamera Driving Holiday EuropePorsche Panamera Turismo

New to the scene is the very capable Porsche Panamera Turismo.  The new ‘Turismo’ version suits the Panamera so well.  This car will comfortably take 4 of you plus your luggage to Verbier for your 2 week ski vacation.  It’ll also see you just fine to Monaco for Top Marques and look good sitting in the hotel car park alongside the other fine metal that flocks there annually.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Driving Holiday EuropeFerrari GTC4 Lusso

Not quite as practical as the Panamera in that it’s only got 2 doors and the back seats aren’t as big, but the GTC4 is a great choice for 2 people to get away on a Driving Holiday with plenty of space for luggage.  It looks the part, sounds the part and dear god it goes well when you show it some of the smoother tarmac that the Swiss and Austrians are so good at coating their mountains with.

Porsche Macan Road Trip CarPorsche Macan S

The oddball amongst the group here we guess, but we like the ‘not so obvious’ here at Slap Adventures.With good looks and great proportions for an SUV the Porsche Macan S delivers on many counts making it an ideal car for a more leisurely Driving Holiday.

Nissan GTR Road Trip Driving HolidayNissan GT-R

BANG – back to the big hitters.  The Nissan GT-R in the R35 flavour has been another favourite on our road trips over the past few years.  Extremely capable and with it’s 4WD it’s a hoot in the hills.You don’t see many on the continent so when you’re burbling through a town you’ll often see the locals staring as they’re just not used to seeing them.

BMW M140i Road TripBMW M140i

BANG for your BUCK! We’ve just got one of these for our staff car as we’re big fans.A 3 litre engine pushing out 340bhp through the rear wheels means this will be great fun, especially in the Swiss & Italian Alps.  The hot hatch format makes it a superb car to pack your luggage into and then tear up the tarmac.  A bit of  sleeper this one.

Audi TT RS Driving Holiday EuropeAudi TT RS

Sporty looks, a superb engine and 4WD makes this an awesome road trip car.  This is another car than can easily embarrass more expensive machinery.

Mclaren 650sMclaren 650s

Finally it’s a supercar… after all that’s what most of us want to do a road trip in right?We’ve had all manner of Mclarens on our events, just this year there has been  a couple of MP4 12Cs, a 570S, a 570GT and a few 650s.  Great looks, superb power and true presence in any situation the Mclaren 650s is a truly great car for your Driving Holiday.  Until the 720s comes along for the 2018 road trip season that is 😉So there you have it, 10 cars we think are great for a road trip.  What would you love to take on your next Driving Holiday?
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