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GTG Drive - Driving Tour Company in America

GTG Drives join Slap from America

We’re delighted to have a team from GTG Drives taking part in our European Driving Adventure this September – making their way from America for the event.

The team at GTG share with us a love of fast cars and epic roads.  They too organise road trips and this year their American Road Trip is the Glacier National Park Edition.

We’ve been talking with GTG for a while now and teamed up with them several months ago offering our Slap Adventures events through them to their customers.  Now GTG are coming over from America this September to take part in the ‘Altitude Road Trip‘ before taking an extended vacation to explore a bit more of Europe, in particular a stay in the beautiful cosmopolitan city that is Paris.

A flight from America to Munich will get the GTG team to Europe.  From Munich we’ve planned a route for them for a couple of days through the Alsace region in France, and a visit to Cité de l’Automobile as they make their way to meet up on the first evening on our European road trip.  It will be a warm welcome for them that evening from everyone as we sit down to a group dinner so that everyone can get to know one another that bit better.  This is something we do on all our events, it’s a great ice-breaker on the first evening.

We’re looking forward to meeting and driving with the GTG Drives team – if you’d like to join us this September on our 7 Day Luxury European Road Rally CLICK HERE to book.