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Charity Event 2021 The Wellspring

Charity Event 2021 – The Wellspring
It was a crisp Sunday in November, and the sun was shining as we gathered in Altrincham early in the morning to help, and raise awareness of, The Wellspring – a charity that actively helps people in and around Stockport and Manchester who are homeless.The aim of the day was to collect as much as we could in the way of items that will help make winter easier for people with no home to go to.  So things as simple as a toothbrush and toothpaste, through warms hats, gloves and socks, to sleeping bags and coats.  This was done via a  scavenger hunt which we set up – so a drive on some half decent roads to 8 different destinations through Cheshire & the Peak District.The day finished at Skinz Studio in Trafford where all the items collected were gathered together (see the photo below).  Two days after the event everything was dropped off at The Wellspring (over £1k in goods), along with a cash donation of £500.A big thank you from Slap Adventures to everyone who came to the event, and who donated.If you can help The Wellspring in any way please do so with THIS LINKSpecial thanks go to Skinz for letting us use their wrapping studio as a base for the day.
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