Get your car cleaned & filled up with V-Power

Welcome to Drive Days by Slap Adventures

Our ‘Drive Days’ have been set up due to the demand by enthusiasts to get together and have some automotive fun.

So after 12 months of being asked for them here you go, a series of days throughout the year catering for BMW, Mercedes AMG, VW & Audi, and then a couple of days that cover all things Sports, Performance and Supercar related.

On each ‘Drive Day’ you’ll be given a printed route map when you arrive at our early morning meet points.  These maps will guide you through the day on our best ‘tried and tested’ driving roads, with suggested stopping / meeting / photo opportunity points as you go along.

You just bring a satnav and a tank of V-Power.

Each ‘Drive Day’ has a small entry cost associated with it, just to cover costs. We’ll pack as much into these events as we can to make them as enjoyable as possible.

If you want to meet other petrolheadonists and drive your car with them, and us, then a Slap Adventures ‘Drive Day’ is for you. Each event is limited to just 30 cars so don’t miss out – book now.

BMW Drive Days by Slap Adventures

BMW Drive Days

Sunday March 25th

North Wales

Sunday July 15th

South Wales & Elan Valley

Mercedes / AMG Drive Days by Slap Adventures

AMG Drive Days

Sunday April 8th

South Wales & Elan Valley

Sunday June 17th

North Wales

VW / Audi Drive Days by Slap Adventures

VAG Drive Days

Sunday April 22nd

North Wales

Sunday July 29th

South Wales & Elan Valley

Sports, Performance & Supercar Drive Days by Slap Adventures

Sports & Supercars

Sunday May 6th

Peak District

Sunday August 19th

North Wales

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