Coronavirus Update

Published: 12 March 2020  /  Updated April 3rd 2020

This is an update to everyone who has booked with Slap Adventures for an event this year, and is in connection with the current Coronavirus pandemic.

We have been watching the situation develop on a daily basis, tracking how areas, then countries are being affected, and looking at the possible impact this could have on our events.  As you know yourselves it’s pretty much guesswork at this stage what’s going to happen, given the daily changes in the situation.

We encourage everybody to make sure you have a good travel insurance policy in place now, should the worst happen and an event have to be cancelled.  This is a good article by Martin Lewis who has some wise words of advice as to why this is so important.

Highland Fling – Scotland – May

This event is postponed until September 2020.

If you have registered please check your inbox for updated event information and details on how to transfer your booking to the new date.

High Octane – Europe – June

This event is scheduled to take place as planned.

As you know we don’t give out route details until the event start, and that situation’s not changing now.  However we are disclosing that we have hotels booked in France, Switzerland (2 nights), Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.  The planned route does dip into northern Italy but this can be avoided if there are still restrictions in place – our feelings are that if Italy is still in lock-down in 3 months time then it will be bankrupt, so a solution will be found long before that time.

We have been working on alternate routes should a certain country suddenly close it’s borders.  Currently we have work-rounds for various situations but obviously with the situation changing daily we can’t be sure everything is covered.  We also have a list of contingency hotels should we need to change plans at short notice.

Basically we fully intend this event going ahead, with the current situation having improved by the time this event happens.

On the plus side the roads should be quiet 🙂

Tour de Wales and Weekend Fling – Summer

These events are cancelled – please check your inbox if you have registered for them.

Giro Deluxe – Europe – September

This event is scheduled to take place as planned.  We cannot make any comments about this event being affected with it being so far away.

Specific Concerns

If you are booked on an event and have any specific concerns please email me now

Please be assured we are monitoring the situation daily and will be doing our best to make sure events go ahead as planned – Rik.

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