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looking for a european road trip

Winter Road Trip Testimonial

We were approached by Hector in late 2016 to see if we could help him plan a Winter Road Trip.  Guess what, we could and we did…

“We wanted to go away for a week long road trip around France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany but knew it would take a huge amount of planning and research. We were lucky to came across Slap Adventures who helped us plan and design a winter road trip.
This saved us a great deal of time as Slap Adventures helped us to design a bespoke route and their advice on which specific roads to take and where to stopover was excellent.
Finally, the tour book which Slap Adventures produced showing our specific route on a day-by-day basis together specific GPS co-ordinates and information for driving in each country made finding our way around very easy.
All-in-all we had a spectacular trip and, if you are considering an ambitious road trip yourselves, we would highly recommend using Slap Adventures.”

If you’re looking for a bespoke road trip please get in touch, we can help you.