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European Driving Holiday what's it like then?

European Driving Holiday – what’s it like then?

We get asked all the time… “so what’s it like doing a European Driving Holiday?”

Well let’s take a closer look… Assuming you’ve done all your prep (serviced your car, made sure your passports are current etc.etc.) you’ll be off for a full on attack of your senses – whether you call it a driving holiday or a road trip, either way you’ll be packing a lot of experiences into a short time.
There are 2 ways of approaching this: 1) Wing it. 2) Plan ahead. At Slap Adventures whilst the adventurer in us likes the idea of the former we actually prefer the latter.  You’ll still need a degree of flexibility even if you’ve planned ahead but by having a plan you’ll make the most of your adventure, ensuring sure you drive the mountain roads and visit the places you really want to.  Plus have a great place to sleep each night.
Prepare for a bit of everything, especially if you’re heading to the mountains.  It can be 20° or more as you start your ascent, and a few degrees below zero by the time you reach the top. We recommend packing clothes you can layer up should it get cold.  Ensure you have some comfortable driving shoes with you too.  Pack your gloves, and your suncream.  Yes it really can be that erratic.
Food & Drink
Wherever possible we recommend you always try the local cuisine and drinks.  It’s all part of the adventure, especially if there’s a group of you to share the experience. You’ll also want to familiarise yourself with the service station sandwiches – unfortunately a staple part of most road trips when there’s a large amount of miles to be covered. If all else fails head to the local burger or kebab shop.
The Experience
Make sure you have time to soak up a little bit of everything on your trip. A mid-morning coffee driving in the Alps.  Lunch in a local cafe on top of a mountain.  Grab an ice cream as you take in the views at one of the many great lakes.  Dinner on the terrace at your hotel.  Drinks at the beach bar as you watch the sun set. Don’t forget your camera so you can make your friends jealous of your adventure upon your return home.
“This isn’t a holiday, this is a roadtrip”.  Think about your adventure as just this.  You’ll most likely come home a bit tired but that will be more than worth it for the new friends you’ve made, the places you’ve visited, the content you have for your social media and the memories you’ve made that will last a lifetime. Once you’ve done a road trip in Europe we guarantee you’ll you’ll be back for more.
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