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Traffic Jam Furka Pass

100 + sports cars and super cars turned out for one final drive in the Swiss Alps with our favourite youtuber ‘Cars with Luke’.Luke is a man after our own heart who simply loves driving, and if it’s in the Alps then even better.He put out an insta story with a date and a time, to see if anyone fancied joining him for one last drive of the season before the snow arrives in Switzerland and the those amazing mountain roads will no longer be available to drive.  Luke didn’t expect many cars to turn up (so he says) but let’s face it, given his popularity this was never going to be the case and as you’ll see in the video there was all sorts of cars turned up, some having driving from afar to join him for this drive.If you were on the Grimsel Pass or Furka Pass on the day it would have been a sight to behold, what a truly great selection of cars and a fantastic group of petrolheads all there to enjoy a drive.  What could be better than that?!
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