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Taste the Difference

Taste the Difference

With so many road trip companies out there how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Own Brand Cordial.

At the most cost effective and ‘back to basics’ end of the spectrum are the glut of Banger Rallies to choose from.  You buy a cheap car, book your own campsites (or hotels if you’re feeling flush) and off you go.  Some banger rallies are an A to B affair and some choose routes that are a bit more involving, most likely challenging your budget car – don’t forget to pack your tools for some roadside repairs.  Fun will be had, cars will break, campfires will be lit and you’ll have stories to tell for years to come.

Jager Bomb.

Then there’s the spectacle road trip event, which are a lot of show (plaster your car in stickers), a fair bit of go (albeit A to B most of the time) and a bit of ho (do you need a glamour model on a road trip with you?  If you do then move along, Slap Adventures is not what you’re looking for).  These ‘party on wheels’ events look glamorous however traveling from ‘big name city’ to another ‘big name city’ you’ll spend a lot of time on the autoroute – great if that’s your thing but it’s not for us. We like the route less traveled, not the route everyone travels.  Think of these as those shots at the bar – at the time it seemed great fun but afterwards, when the headache kicks in, you’ll ask yourself “WTF was that all about?”

Bartender’s Choice.

Have you ever asked the bartender to mix you a drink based on how you’re feeling?  If they know their shit they’ll blend a drink that really hits the spot.  The same goes for road trips.The right mix of ingredients makes for a truly delicious and memorable journey – roads to remind you why you fell in love with driving, scenery to make your jaw drop, new experiences to stimulate your senses and high quality hotels to relax, unwind and socialize in.  Just like that Bartender’s choice, you may pay a little extra for this experience but will sit back afterwards, content in knowing you just experienced something very special indeed.

Pornstar Martini.

Finally there’s Gumball.  Some say it’s the pinnacle of road trips!  An automotive event that attracts people from all over the world and puts on a show for all the world to see.  Hypercars and Superstars collide for a full on attack of the senses for one week a year.  You need a big budget and a strong stomach for drive, party, a bit of sleep, repeat…

Still not sure what to choose?

Our advice is do your research and pick what suits you.  Does the event you’re looking at fit your budget?  Does it finish thousands of miles from where you started meaning additional costs to get home that aren’t included?  Do you want to drive, or party?  Do you want to camp or stay in a luxury hotel?  Look at all the flavours available in the Road Trip market and choose the Road Rally that tastes the best to you.
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