Vokini Drinks - Alcoholic Spritzer in a Bottle

Sunday Spritz

This summer we’ve been drinking Vokini, an Alcoholic Spritzer in a Bottle.

Sunday morning drives with friends have been a welcome relief recently. The sun’s been shining, the tarmac’s warm and and your friends are smiling, looking forward to a little freedom from the ‘real world pandemic’ that’s taken over our lives in 2020.

After the drive it’s time to head home and relax in the garden, after all that’s where we’ve spent a large amount of time this year. With soaring temperatures a chilled drink is called for and whilst the obvious choice might be a cold beer we were introduced to Vokini recently by some friends who’ve been developing this new drink*. It’s a ‘ready to drink cocktail’, not too boozy though with an ABV of 5%, and it’s easy to drink with a blend of premium vermouth, vodka and natural flavours.  It’s refreshing, very refreshing.  Drink it straight from the fridge in the bottle, or pour it over ice in a glass – a tad more sophisticated and even tastier.

The 6 fruity flavours on offer at launch are good. Our personal favourite is the Black Cherry, but the refreshing Lemon & Lime Vokini is the one that seems to disappear from our fridge the quickest.

We’ll be partnering with Vokini, offering special online discounts via our newsletter and social media.


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* as of August 2020, to be available to the public September 2020.

Vokini is an alcoholc drink and is NOT to be consumed whilst driving. www.drinkaware.co.uk