Manchester Tuning Company Stadt Technik aka Colin Jackson

Stadt Technik get Slapped

Manchester Tuning Company Stadt Technik will be getting Slapped in June 2018!

Colin Jackson, owner of Stadt Technik, will be taking part in our 7 day European Roadtrip in June 2018. Colin is well known on the car scene as a passionate petrolhead and over the past few years has built Stadt Technik to become one of the best independent service and tuning companies for sports and supercars.  Colin’s new venture ‘P3’ launches later this year in Manchester and will cause a stir on the car tuning scene, setting it’s sights high to become the Ace Cafe of the north, and then some!

After all the hard work Colin’s put in over the past few years he’s decided it’s time to take a week out, on a road trip with Slap Adventures.  Colin’s better half will be his co-driver for the week, what they’ll be driving is to be confirmed but with current his current fleet including a BMW M3, Mercedes C63 and a Lamborghini Gallardo we’re sure the vehicle of choice won’t disappoint.  We’re also sure that the Stadt Technick tuning wand will have been waved over said chosen vehicle to make it that little bit more individual.  The Stadt Technik Taxi shown above will give you an idea of what you can expect to see on this driving adventure through the Austrian Tyrol, Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites.

Find out more about Stadt Technik and what they can do for your car.

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