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San Bernardino Pass

Do you need a Porsche 991 GT3 to enjoy driving the San Bernardino Pass in Switzerland? The answer is no, but it certainly helps as can be seen in this video by Cars with Luke.  The San Bernardino is one of the many beautiful and exhilarating roads that Switzerland has to offer.  We’ve driven it a few times now and it’s been a delight everytime.  With hairpins, sweeping s-bends and short straights to hear your exhaust roar, there’s a bit of everything to make all of your senses tingle. Luke’s made a great video here to show off this fantastic road, made even more glorious by one of Porsche’s most delicious creations to date. We’ll be featuring this road and many more in our adventures in 2018.  Yes we said 2018 as our trips in 2017 are already in place… check them out and join us for a European Roadtrip to remember.
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