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Roadtrip Preparation

You’re off on a roadtrip and you want your car to look it’s best as it takes the strain during your adventure.  So where do you start?


To clean and protect your car properly we suggest getting it detailed.  We don’t mean a mini-valet from the chap down the road but going to see a professional who’ll asses your vehicle, clean it with care, and make sure your car is sealed from dirt and grime both inside and out.  Your car will shine like when it left the showroom, maybe even better.

Car Detailing by Reep with Swissvax and Koch Chemie


Once your paintwork has been perfected and it’s looking its best the next step up is Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF is a thermoplastic urethane, invisible film, which allows you to preserve and protect your perfectly finished paintwork from the elements that Mother Nature and also what the roads will throw at it! Once applied, it is practically invisible and does not affect the appearance of the vehicle in any way. The film can be applied to many different parts of your vehicle, including: Full/half bonnet; Front Bumper; Headlights; Door edges, handles & steps; Wing Mirrors; Side Sills; Boot; Lip; Roof. PPF is a truly worthwhile investment for your car, especially if you love driving it as intended…like we do.

PPF, Paint Protection Film for Supercars by Reep Group

At Slap Adventures our Approved Car Care Partner is the Reep Group who have locations in North Yorkshire, Scotland, Chester and the Midlands.  The Reep Group is a Surface Technology Specialist comprising of Swissvax UK, Koch Chemie UK, ProFilms UK, Gtechniq Platinum, Reep Detailing, APM Customs and Reep Surface Technology.  They provide products and a service to enhance, correct and protect all kinds of vehicles.

If you are looking to give your car some extra special shine and protection give the lovely people at Reep a call, tell them you came via Slap Adventures for a little extra TLC.

Reep Group

Reep Northwest

Reep Scotland

Reep Midlands

Koch Chemie at Halfords

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