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How to pack a suitcase

How do you make the most of the space in your suitcase?

If you’re off on a road trip the chances are that your sports car or supercar will be lacking in luggage space.  Packing a suitcase can, notoriously, be a nightmare. From a burst toiletries bag to crumpled cuffs and creased collars, learning how to stow your clothes and accessories accordingly is one of the most important skills you can master*. 

So you need to make the most of the space available whilst making sure you look your best at all times.  Learn these basics and you will pack your suitcase perfectly every time – especially important for when you need to make an early morning getaway heading to those mountain roads.

Source: The Gentleman’s Journal

* Disclaimer – it’s probably not but we’ll go with it for the purpose of this article.