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Having a blast with your mates

“This is what’s it’s about… you and your mates having a blast!”

Here at Slap Adventures we’re a big fan of Cars with Luke.  Luke shares the same passion as us, and that’s driving on cool roads. In this video Luke’s been lucky enough to bag a new Audi R8 V10 Spyder for a day and takes it for a proper drive on some mountain roads – we’d do exactly the same.  With the roof down you get to hear that glorious V10 engine roar as the car is put through it’s paces tackling hairpins, straights and beautiful s-bends.  You also get to hear those crackles and pops on the downshifts, and let’s be honest who doesn’t smile when you hear those?! Luke’s comments in this video about driving with friends are also great to hear.  This is something we’re big purveyors of here at Slap… they can be friends you’ve known for years, or maybe you only met them on day 1 of an organised group road trip (they’ll be your friends by the end of the trip for sure).  Either way we guarantee that if you’re all doing something you love – cool cars driven on cool roads, making epic noises – that those friendships will get stronger. YouTube Channel: Cars with Luke
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