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Essence of a Road Trip

Essence of a Road Trip

What is the essence of a road trip?

Beautiful locations, surely.

A sense of adventure – yep.

Camaraderie is also a must.

The car itself, as you may have noticed, does not feature particularly highly. A Mclaren P1 or Porsche 918 represent the dream, and we wouldn’t pretend otherwise, however one of the greatest aspects of this type of journey is the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving your daily hack or your weekend toy, if the roads and views make your hair stand on end, and the company cause your sides to split, you are set. A cliché, but one that holds true.

There is something extremely exciting about the prospect of hitting the road with a group of friends (old and new) – it’s an amazing feeling to head off, with nothing behind you and everything ahead of you.

Pit stops, be that at a roadside cafe, truck stop diners or a petrol station convenience stores – these are a road tripper’s oasis. All foods are viable options on the road. We’ve seen vegetarians eat meat and justify it with the “I was on a road trip” excuse. Make the most of that fast food burger. Order a side of pancakes with your omelette. Buy crisps, biscuits and sweets you’d never think of eating at home and bring them back to the car to eat on the road. You’re on a road trip. You can eat anything you want!

The older you get, the harder it is to spend real quality time with the people you care about. Work will demand more of your attention. Family will become a bigger priority. And the time you have to share with friends will diminish. A road trip is a great opportunity to really be ourselves, relive old glories and create new memories that will sustain us through those dull days at the office. Road trips heighten emotions. Jokes are funnier. Laughs are heartier. And the farts stink more if you lock the windows.Road trips are less about the destination than the journey. It’s another cliché, we know. But if all you cared about was getting from Point A to Point B, you wouldn’t call it a road trip. You’d call it driving. A road trip is its own special category of travel.

It’s about all the fun breaks, the pranks, the landscapes, the chats, and those epic roads…  It’s about the moment!  It’s about you!  It’s about everything and nothing!

Enjoy each and every moment of it. And then avoid your road trip friends for a few weeks when you get home. You’ll be sick of them by then.

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