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Drive Days 2019

Drive Days 2019
Over 150 cars have taken part across the 3 ‘Drive Days’ we’ve run this year.Looking back quickly at the events we’ve run 2 in conjunction with RSV Automotive, driving some of the best roads in North Wales, and 1 in conjunction with the Chemical Guys, which saw us head to the Lake District for some 4 wheeled fun.The days are a chance to meet, and drive with, other car enthusiasts.  It doesn’t matter what you drive as long as you’re up for a mini adventure.  On each of the days there were hot drinks and snacks for breakfast as everyone gathered and eyed up what glorious metal turned up for the drive.  Slap Adventures provided everyone with a bespoke printed A3 route guide for the day.  Then before you knew it it was 8am, engines were firing up and it was time to the road.The days pack in on average 5-6 hours driving and have a few stops on the way for photos, refreshments and lunch.We’ve put a small selection of photos by David Rutter from the last event of 2019 in August, North Wales.Details of our events in 2020 will be released later in the year.  If you want to be kept up to date on these, and all future events, scroll to the footer of this website and pop your details onto our mailing list.  We won’t bombard you with spam, just 1 email a month with information on driving events our automotive lifestyle clothing range.
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