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best driving road in europe

Best Driving Road

We’ve often been asked “so what’s the best driving road you’ve been to?”  The honest answer is “we don’t know.”

There’s an almost endless amount of great driving roads in Europe. The central Swiss Alps have a trio of passes that’s a bit of driving nirvana everyone will enjoy. The French Maritime Alps have twists and turns that will exite everytime you drive them. Italy has a bit of everything for everybody but the beauty of the Dolomites is always a draw for us and a favourite of our customers. And there’s the Austrian Tyrol, another stunningly beautiful area with roads to match.

Different weather conditions, times of day, the amount of traffic and even the group you are driving with can all change your opinion of the same road. We do have to say that driving with a group can make a good road a truly epic road if you get it right.  A clear line through those s-bends, a downshift into a hairpin followed by the sound of a V8 ricocheting off the mountain side, the rasp of a straight six and the whoosh of a supercharger… oh yes!

So what’s the best driving road in Europe?  It’s the one you’re on when you’re feeling it, everything falls into place and you can’t wipe the grin off your face.

If you want to explore some of the best driving roads in Europe just give yourself a slap and join us on one (or all) of our European Driving Adventures.