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700 BHP Shelby F150

This insane 700bhp Supercharged Ford Shelby F150 truck will be terrorising the Alps this September.

The truck is one of three vehicles from the Black Bull Power team based in Finland.  The second is an Armytrix equipped Nissan GTR R35.  Then third, well that’s still in discussion.

Mika (the top dog at Black Bull Power) is a Ford nut, and more specifically a Shelby one.  Follow this link to see a few of the cars he owns, loves and more importantly drives.

As an experienced rally goer, including Gumball 3000, Mika is always up for a new challenge.  We think that making the trip from Finaland to Germany to start our adventure in September is a good start.  To then navigate this monstrous and beautiful truck through the Austrian Tyrol, Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites will be a delight to behold.  We’re sure the truck will be turning heads wherever it goes, with Mika and the Black Bull Power team smiling from ear to ear as they travel with it.

If you like to join us and Black Bull Power on an awesome 7-day Luxury Road Rally in September 2017 then get your credit card out and fill in that registration form now.